This is a month overdue, but I’m finally ready to write about my experiences at BronyCon 2014. This was my 2nd BronyCon and 6th MLP con overall. Needless to say, it was a memorable experience.

The 2013 edition was the first in Baltimore and at a venue (Baltimore Convention Center) where the organizers could grow the convention as opposed to outgrowing the venue. That BronyCon drew 8,407 fans. This year, I was one of the 9,607 who came to Baltimore from all parts of the world. There were three things that really stood out about this year’s con.

The first of these things was that Baltimore really rolled out the welcome mat for the Bronies. There were posters and banners in place around town and at Baltimore-Washington International Airport (BWI) ( Even the Hilton where I stayed was welcoming with specially-marked keys for the occasion (that we actually got to keep with us!). Baltimore has really been the only city to have a formal welcome to the Bronies and BronyCon to the best of my knowledge. For that, we can be grateful to the Charm City for showing such….charm.

Second, the diversity of the crowd was greater. I’m not just talking about the ethnicity or gender makeup of the crowd or where everyone us coming from, but also the age demographics from the actual target audience of the show to senior citizens and every age in between. Every convention I’ve been to in fact has seen more and more kids attend with their parents. They are also huge fans of the show and are love the characters as much as us older fans do. While young adult male still make up the majority of the crowd, it’s nice to see that the fandom is actually all ages and I feel that’s one of the show’s biggest strengths. It’s made not just for a single demographic, but it can be enjoyed by all ages, genders, and ethnicities. Other shows have diverse fan bases, but it’s at conventions like BronyCon where this is more pronounced.

Finally, there was the Closing Ceremonies. It breaks out into a party played to songs from the show. It was one of most festive atmospheres I’ve been around. Everyone wanted to capture that one last moment of an outstanding convention (including yours truly: That alone made the whole convention worthwhile for me. After everything was said and done and after dinner at a restaurant at the Inner Harbor, I retired to my room and there was a driving rainstorm that night ( It was almost like the skies over Baltimore were crying because the convention had come to an end and we were all about to go home if they had not done so already. I can’t wait for August 7th, 2015, when BronyCon returns to Baltimore. My only wish for that con is that is does break the 10,000 barrier in attendance.

The motto “Light for All” is used by the Baltimore Sun. That should be the motto of this BronyCon as well. It was a convention honoring a show that is really for all ages. There was indeed something for everybody there that weekend. Baltimore was very welcoming of the fans during the weekend, and it was one long celebration that I certainly will remember fondly as will others such as Red Card and his vlogs which I recommend:  (

I do have one more convention in 2014 to attend (Ponyville Ciderfest in Milwaukee in November). There’s also Equestria Girls:  Rainbow Rocks to see at the theater and Season 5 of the show to wait for. For one weekend in August, it was a celebration all of things My Little Pony:  Friendship is Magic in Baltimore. There was truly magic in Baltimore that really did provide light for all.



    AWESOME, I wanted to be there

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