Full Armour D vs D
by =ponyKillerX

The Guys of MLP, EFNW’s panel with Peter New, Andrew Francis and Lee Tockar. Hosted by DustyKatt of EFR’s Stay Brony My Friend. Video after the page break.

  • I appear at 48:12!

  • Asgardian

    That feel when you’re covering EFNW but not BUCK.

    • Unfortunately it comes down to a bunch of things that just don’t work out. The biggie is the fact there has yet to be any videos released of BUCK from Everfree Radio. When it comes to EFNW, that’s all we are covering is posting the videos that they upload to their youtube channel. Then toss in the lack of manpower this place has, I’d gladly watch and record video from the stream if I could, but when you consider I’m posting this 3:30am my time, and its 8:30am UK time, I’m asleep for over half of it, and then I’m not online until its about midnight over there. If I knew someone who could cover it, I’d have them doing so.

      We are going to do a post, I’m hoping EFR does upload their panels and we’ll at least post them, and possibly do a write up.

      • Asgardian

        Well that’s reasonable enough. I forgive you.