Long time reader of DH, Quirko Germont has written about the journey of becoming a brony, and dug around in the whole reason behind, WHY.  Why are grown men watching colorful equine?  Its a subject I plan to cover at some point before Season 2, at least my view.  QG recounts how he came into the Brony subculture from the /b/ side of 4chan, which I always find interesting, since I came from the /co/ side of things.

If someone out there has the skill to fully translate this, that would be a good thing, QG wants to translate it but lacks of the english language knowledge to do so.

El por que de la fanaticada de los /B/ronies

  • Mattwo

    Maybe for the same reason PPG appeals to guys?

    Amusingly the lead writer really seems to know how to make girl shows that appeal to all audiences even if that was not the intended result.

  • Getmethebooks

    Here's my translation of the whole thing. I tried to be as close to the original as possible, including bad writing and spelling. I could've fixed it up and made it more readable, but I think it deserves to be seen in its full glory.