Discord’s chess board
by ~sanctimonialis

Back at the end of March we announced that Enterplay was creating MLP Trading Cards, and in the recent weeks they have established the line and opened it for pre-order. We’ve attempted to get some detailed information about the line directly from them, but so far no answer back. What information we do have comes from Equestria Daily, who apparently has an inside connection to the whole ordeal. They’ve also been doing a daily preview of the cards, first with the Sea Serpent (Stephen Magnet) and then Rarity standee. We’ll have the complete preview here around the 30th when their daily preview ends.

The set will be about 137 cards and will include additional swag such as 12 tattoos, 9 Pop Up Standees, 84 Base Collectable Cards and 32 foil cards. The line will be released in July with a pre-release at Bronycon. Each pack will be $1.99 and will be available for pre-order online.

But it seems ToyWiz who we talked about earlier having expanded their pony merchandise to the extreme has included the trading cards, now available off their site for pre-ordering. At the moment (and much like the blind bags) they are offering two different products.

  1. MLP:FiM Enterplay Trading Card Fun Pack Box (30 Packs) for $49.99
  2. MLP:FiM Enterplay Trading Cards Lot of 5 Fun Packs for $8.99

Unknown if they’ll be crazy enough to sell the cards individually much like the Blind Bags, only time will tell.