Entertainment Weekly has just announced that Season 3 will premiere on November 10, less than four weeks from now.

Update: The date has been confirmed by The Hub!

EW can exclusively reveal that all-new episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic — the colorful kid’s series that became an Internet phenomenon — will premiere on The Hub at 10 a.m. on Saturday, November 10. The show’s third season is kicking off with an epic, hour-long two-parter centered on a whole new corner of Equestria: the Crystal Empire, an ancient, cursed place that mysteriously reemerges after a thousand-year absence.


They give more information, the picture above, and the ballad that premiered at SDCC.

Pony head writer Meghan McCarthy tells EW that season 3 will focus on main pony Twilight Sparkle as she advances in her magical studies: “She’s been in Ponyville for awhile now, and so her journey is going a little bit further,” McCarthy says. It’ll also feature “very catchy and very, very cute” new songs, “the usual pop culture references,” and the reemergence of a certain unnamed fan favorite villain — who McCarthy says will return “in a very, very awesome way.”

Fans should also watch out for an upcoming installment that deals with a very topical issue: bullying. “[It] explores how you should handle a bully, and sometimes what the source of bullying is,” McCarthy explains. But don’t expect an awkward Very Special Episode: “It’s wrapped in a story that’s really fun and funny, and has music, and doesn’t feel heavy-handed.”

Since it’s better quality, the new version of the failure song after the break.

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  • Yay! The long wait is finally coming to an end!

  • Coffee Rings

    Yay! Pony returns!

    And if you look at the date using DD MM YY (like us in OZ) It is 10/11/12!

  • Mason

    Sounds good.

  • RePoisn

    oh my god oh my god oh my god

  • MultiBaller

    I’m calling Gilda’s return. Season One has a few characters who still need some resolution, and it makes sense that Gilda would fit into a bullying episode.

    I’m totally looking forward to the tenth!

    • Citrus Rain

      I think the bullying is going to be with the crystal ponies though – from what I got from the preview “spoiler”

  • It’s good to see that you were the first to put the news out!

    Also, whoo! New ponies!

  • That bullying episode will be interesting. I wonder if it will be with a returning character, like Gilda, the pegasus jocks, or Garble?

  • immblueversion

    Calling Trixie first. Discord second.

    (I love Discord more, but I just have this gut feeling.)

  • Supertide

    Another bullying episode, seriously? Didn’t you encourage bronies enough already?

    >don’t expect an awkward Very Special Episode
    >doesn’t feel heavy-handed

    We will see about that.

  • Wally

    OMG I love the preview picture with the ponyrun on ice. Anyone find a high res version? Like, 1920×1080? For private use like desktop background?

  • Ben


    If I remember correctly, one of the writers teased a while back that Season 3 was going to have some ‘really great and powerful things’ so… yeah… I’m going with that.

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