Entertainment Weekly’s Family Room section appears to be back in the pony business, with an exclusive teaser trailer. Catch it embedded after the break, or by clicking the link above. As you might imagine, the trailer spoils some jokes and plot points.

Yes, the idea of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic‘s equine mane six being recast as human high school students sounds a little crazy at first.

But it’s tough not to be charmed by that premise after watching this brand-spankin’-new trailer, which clearly lays out the movie’s plot. Shortly after she’s named a princess, Twilight Sparkle’s all-important crown is stolen by a wicked pony who spirits it through a looking glass. In order to get the tiara back, Twilight must follow her adversary into a new and strange world — one populated by weird-two-legged creatures who bear an odd resemblance to her pony pals back in Equestria.

There’s some rote stuff here, to be sure (“Looks like if I want my crown back, I’ll have to become princess of the fall formal!”) — but Friendship is Magic‘s quirky-cute sense of humor appears to be largely intact, which is really all that matters.

And this, finally, is Daniel Ingram’s music.

Slightly off-topic and in addition to a few pictures published by Screenvision several weeks ago, there is also this gallery of leaked images from the movie, courtesy timeforponiponi and whoever took the photos.

  • Okay pause at 1:15. Trixie! :)
    also Luna and Celestia??!?!
    I am so exciTED.

  • Anonymous

    Wow…just…..wow…..i think this going to be….THE BEST….PONY MOVIE EVER!

    • Anonymous

      Isn’t it the only pony movie ever?

      • Anonymous

        No the re are other pony movies

  • JT

    Wow, this definitely changes my opinion. I won’t be close to a theater that’s showing it, but this will go in my video collection when it’s available.

  • Anonymous

    Definitely better than what we’ve seen before.
    I still won’t go to a theater to see it, but at least this goes to show that this isn’t going to be the end of the fandom like some want to believe it is.

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  • Manic

    Movie still looks horrible to me, sorry. I said to myself, when the thing was first announced. “If this movie has a scene where Twilight becomes the prom queen, I’m going to avoid it at all costs.” And welp, this trailer confirms it has the most cliche high school setting plot in the world. A few funny one-liners doesn’t change my opinion. Plus, half the jokes are ones we’ve seen already.

    As a side note: So far, every trailer seems to imply this movie is canon to the FiM universe. Didn’t the writers promise us that it wasn’t?

    • Echo

      You still believe in what the writers say?

      • Jody Morgan

        You know, I keep running into bronies who say that Meghan McCarthy has lied so much that she can’t be trusted, but when I ask them to list her lies, they respond with statements that they’ve misinterpreted, statements about season 4, or stuff that (as far as I can determine) she never even said (like denying Twilicorn, when the only denial was by Tara Strong on the Hub Twitter account). The two strongest charges I’ve seen were her saying there’d be a Rarity episode in s3 (which was a result of her forgetting that “Spike at Your Service” had been changed) and her denying there’d be a MLP:FiM movie (a couple of months after writing the script for MLP:EqG).

        So, what’s your beef with the writers?

    • Anonymous

      It’s canon like the comics are canon, being all ambiguous about when it takes place and how it affects the TV show timeline. Kind of like how the DBZ movies are.

      The crew has all said multiple times now that this won’t affect the upcoming season, meaning that going forward, this is just existing for shits and giggles (and also to compete with Mattel and Monster High).

    • Jody Morgan

      I recall Meghan McCarthy saying that EqG would not affect season 4, but right now all I can find are tweets where she says that s4 won’t be EqG. Either way, that doesn’t mean that EqG won’t be canon; there’ve been episodes of the show that didn’t affect the rest of the series in any way, after all.

  • PinkieShy

    Ok,I’m late to watch it, but they’ll reply?