Episode Review: (S2E6): The Cutie Pox
Written by:  Amy Keating Rogers
Fan Rating: Poll still open, currently 4 out of 5.

Back by popular demand, review of the episodes.  Truthfully I have to admit there hasn’t been overly too much to report on with the previous episodes, we do have fanon being smashed left and right, and of course the season itself still building steam.  Personally I’ve been pleasantly surprised so far.  Obviously the Return of Harmy was killer.  Lesson Zero caught me a little off guard, I had placed my chips on LZ being your run of the mill slice of life episode which would upset fans after the power of RoH.  Instead we got psycho Twilight and obvious Derpyiness with her kicking Mayor Mare’s arse.  Luna Eclipsed we all anticipated to be good and awaited our first Luna oriented episode.  Sisterhooves Social was our true first SoL episode.

There of course has been certain parts of the community that get upset with each of these episodes.  Everyone who had expected Luna to be a deity Fluttershy found out she’s more old fashion.  Derpy sat in the audience while Dinky & another background pony.

The Cutie Pox was no exception either.  Again this episode falls into Slice of Life, the Cutie Mark Crusaders are out looking for their cutie marks, hilarity ensues.  Main focus is Applebloom who first gets the cutie mark of a round ring (dubbed to be many different…things) but was a hoola-hoop.  She took a potion from Zecora that mimics a plague that causes ponies to gain more and more cutie marks, and each one causing them to act out that talent (spinning plates, french speaking, weight lifting).  Obviously she is cured by the 22 minute mark, and life goes on.

But of course the biggest talk has been the Lebowski Ponies.  There is no guessing with this, whoever animated the scene obviously loves The Big Lebowski, as all three ponies in this one scene from the cold opener resembles them to a T.  I think I even found a movie shot that most depicts the scene, down to the middle pony being very strange looking model wise, much like Steve Buscemi’s overall appearance in life.

by ~FamelessFace

The other chatter from this episode is the appearance of a grey pegasus filly with blonde hair and derpy eyes that appeared at the 8 minute and 33 second mark.

This of course is where the fandom starts to really roll in, outside an obvious and somewhat more random shout out to the fandom, besides Derpy herself garnishing some scenes.  I know there’ll be three different fanons created for this, but of course with Derpy (or any fanon really), its all up to what you want inside your head canon.

Some are going for the Doctor Whooves aspect, that it is Derpy as a filly who is time travelling with the good doctor.  Some are probably going to take this as a replacement for Dinky Hooves, due to her appearance in the Sisterhooves Social, or a new character is going to be spawned from this, a sister for Ditzy (or the ultimate head canon of including this grey pegasus along side Dinky & the purple adultish pony from the Social episode).

One interesting fact I received tonight was from an animator who shall rename nameless.  They had mentioned they had worked on this episode the night before, and that there was a treat hidden in one of the scenes.  Tonight I asked that person if they could reveal what exactly they meant, but understanding if they couldn’t reveal anything (due to the song leak and other signs of animators getting in trouble for possibly talking about the show, ie Sisby’s storyboards and GlamourKat not being seen since the start of the season).  While asking if they could reveal, I guessed they either meant the Lebowski ponies or filly Derpy.  The animator did a nice media friendly side step and only said they were not responsible for the Lebowski reference (and said nothing about filly Derpy).  A hint but no solid evidence revealed (A+ Mystery Animator).


On the lesser side of things I also see this female pony (must have missed her this morning) from the Bowling Alley that is being paired with Snails, obviously in the role of an older sister.  This is due to her longer than usual neck length, only ever seen so far with Snails.  Taking into consideration that the animators may not go that far into background character canon.  If I had to guess this is what is considered to be awkward teenage pony design.  Snails’s so called sister her I would call mid-teens, Snails himself being early teens, while we have also seen Fluttershy looking all gangly from the Cutie Mark Chronicles.

Side bonus was seeing the inside of the Apply Family home for the first time.  Anyways, that is our report on Episode 6.  Pardon any spelling or grammar errors in this, its late.

PPS: I’ll fix the bottom of the site tomorrow, this article is probably causing the bottom of the blog to be cut off.  Again, its late.

  • Anonymous

    I like the little glimpses we've been getting into the Apple family this season. It's becoming more and more clear that Big Mac runs that shit. Granny's going senile, Applejack's dependable but she & her crazy friends are usually out destroying and or saving Ponyville, and Applebloom is Applebloom. I kinda feel for the guy – must be rough.

    Also, Applejack's room's design is awesome. They can't afford a new hip for Granny but they've definitely got a kickass house.

  • Anonymous

    IIRC, Big Mac officially runs that shit. He owns Big Apple Acres and co-manages it with Applejack.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, you used my fan doodle. That's pretty cool!

    Just to say, though- I have no idea what the rest of the fans say regarding that background pony. If she's a sister or mother or nothing at all, just a new design. But I thought it was a fun idea, so I played with it.

  • Steven

    Man, nopony messes with The Jesus.

  • Michael C

    Just when I thought Derpy couldn't get any more adorable…

  • Reg200

    Applebloom didn't have the disease. She made a potion which mimicked the Cute Mark Pox.

  • kenzieham

    I have a comment about the picture of Apple Bloom hulo hooping and the filly in the background.

    Actually, I believe that that filly is not Derpy Hooves, but like you said, Dinky Hooves. I am not sure how people spawn up the idea of Derpy and Doctor Hooves time traveling because the cartoon said/showed nothing about that ever happening. It is a more believable event that Derpy has a little sister or a coincidental twin filly version.

    Case closed.