Episode 4 Synopsis & Times

Well we don’t have a mysterious cable worker whispering tips into our ears, so we’ve been waiting for the hard facts to appear before reporting.  It had been confirmed about a week ago that S2E4 was going to be titled Luna Eclipsed, but we’ve only been guessing through the leaked screens and storyboard that it was going to be a holiday oriented episode.  And it is.

New Pony Holiday: Nightmare Night
So Nightmare Night seems to be the Equestrian equivalent to earth’s Halloween.  I’d put money down we will get an explanation at the start of the episode.

Time Changes
Seems the time of the episode has also changed.  New Episodes are now at 10am EST and not 9am.  So maybe the HUB heard the chatter about us non-kids not wanting to get up at 9am (or earlier for you west coasters).  Added bonus if you have the HUB, seems new episodes also repeat an hour later at noon.

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