Derpy Sunrise Portrait by ~Auranite

And as the gears of Season 3 begin to turn, MrNewbyNewb over on YouTube is once again playing magic with the episode audio to create background music tracks. Nothing more needs to be said, youtubes after the page break.

Legend of the Crystal Empire (William Anderson)

The Failure Song (Daniel Ingram)

King Sombra’s Return (William Anderson)

The Ballad of the Crystal Empire (Daniel Ingram)

Restoration of the Crystal Empire (William Anderson)

The Success Song (Daniel Ingram)

  • Nice! This music is amazing! Don’t forget about the soundtrack petition, people!

  • Interesting. I sent these BGM rips to Lyra Heartstrings as I was under the impression that it was fanmade content (I was told to send my Changeling Infiltration and Fight BGM to LHS and it got posted there)… and they get posted to DHN instead.

    May I ask for clarification if BGM rips should be sent to DHN or to LHS? Can BGM be posted to DHN instead of LHS if there’s a bunch of rips grouped together rather than only submitting one? Just curious, really (doesn’t matter to me which site my rips get posted at).

    • BGMs I guess are kind of murky, as they’re fanmade but dealing with show content directly. Best way to put it, if its the current episode BGMs now that we’re back in the on-season, feel free to send them over to DHN, as this post along with several others (episode reviews, episode art gallery, and probably community music) will be posted weekly for each episode here. Anything older it’ll be posted on LHS. Don’t worry too much about which e-mail address to send it to, its all the same people watching.

      • That probably makes the most sense. InfinityDash and MrNewbyNewb tend to go after the more current stuff as they’re released while I go back and rip older stuff that was missed. (I also take way longer to do rips than they do for quality control…)