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It’s always been a little weird, the original airing schedule. Everyone knows that it’s all out of order.
One week its winter, then another AFTER that it’s fall. Then it’s summer again! Rarity is a recognized designer, then no one knows who she is. I had discussed this a couple times and I’m certainly not the only one who is trying to make sense of the timeline for the first season.

Then RusselH comes in and busts down the door with another of his charts and tells us to “suck it nerds” and cements his theories in .png format

  • Fragile Ayuka

    This is awesome!

    Just one problem, though. Sonic Rainboom has to take place before Griffon the Brushoff because at the beginning of Griffon Pinkie is talking about Ranbow Dash's performance. At least theoretically.

    Wait, am I seriously arguing the chronology of ponies?

  • Plaster

    Yeah we were discussing that on his dA page, there might be a version 2 soon

  • frith

    LOL! It's a work in progress with so many questions… I have my doubts about the reliability of the fruit in the apple trees. It seems to me that I could already see apples in the apple trees at the end of Winter Wrap Up. Confound those ponies and their magical ways!

  • derpymaths

    its a bit pedantic but sure, fun all the same.