So many sparkles by ~Rom-Art

So many sparkles
by ~Rom-Art

In the special coronation episode ‘Magical Mystery Cure,’ Twilight Sparkle accidentally casts a spell that switches the Cutie Marks and destinies of all her friends, and the only way she can reverse the spell is by writing her ownmagic. Little does she know that by achieving this great accomplishment, she will fulfill her destiny and emerge a princess.

Written by M.A. Larson


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The Hub – Season 3 Finale Bumps

[Miscellaneous Spoiler] —Spazz

  • *Spoilers* if you haven’t seen it yet

    I had doubts about how Twilicorn would be handled. And I still do, because the alicorn thing didn’t happen till the very, very end. It will be weird seeing how this works in season 4, since this episode felt more like a series finale. Twilight has basically “completed her training.” That 3-season long story arc is done. So… now what? I guess we’ll just wait and see. I was honestly hoping for a cliffhanger, to make the episode a bit more interesting, but I knew there wouldn’t be one. But I dunno, this whole emphasis on princess Twilight reminds me of G3 MLP (see “The Princess Promenade” where a purple pony is reluctantly groomed to become a princess)

    Anyways, I still enjoyed the episode for what it was and I look forward to the future of the series; I will continue to be cautiously optimistic.

    • Anonymous

      A lot of people have this mistaken idea that just because a story and/or character arc is “over”, the writers can’t start a new one. They’ve wrapped up just *one* plotline. What’s to stop them from creating a new chapter in the life of Twilight Sparkle and friends? The possibilities are limitless, especially since they have a whole world to play with, where new challenges and new adventures could be around any corner.

      • I’m not saying there’s nothing left for them to do, in fact I’m really looking forward to what they come up with next. I’m just saying it will be weird having one of the main characters turned basically infinitely more powerful than the rest of the characters, who it seems could easily just be turned into the “sidekicks” to super-powered Twilight. One of the best things about the show is how all the main characters have their flaws and weaknesses, but now the “main” character is turned into basically a goddess.

        Again I will wait and see, I have faith in Jayson Thiessen and DHX. I just don’t like how much Hasbro is meddling.

        • While agree that in Season One Princess Celestia appeared to be for all intensive purposes a goddess incarnate, but they have been chipping away at that ever since. Queen Chrysalis bested Celestia much too easily; Celestia and Luna are not part of the action when Discord and King whats-his-ghost of the Crystal Empire pop up; whenever something remotely scary occurs, Princess Celestia sends Twilight to fix it; and there’s Cadance whose super-power is casting love charms. Luna walks your dreams and apparently Princess Celestia greets you in limbo (assuming Twilight Sparkle died), so they are better than your average unicorn. But even though two out of three are over 1,000 years old, they seem very underpowered for godesses.

          My point: Princess Twilight isn’t much different from Twilight Sparkle the unicorn.

    • Anonymous

      “That 3-season long story arc is done.”

      It was a story arc for one season
      ONE season
      season 3.

    • Anonymous

      About pre-gen princesses… You think if Celestia was a Queen as intended, they likely wouldn’t have ran with the whole “all princesses are winged unicorns, and vice versa” thing?

  • Applepie

    I have things to say.

    Welcome back Derpy Hooves!

    • DC

      Where was Derpy?

      • A face in the crowd at the procession, about 20:30 in the YouTube versions with the opening excised.

      • She appears at least four times. Once looking through people’s feet, and she even winks at ya.

        • DC

          Found her! Ok, that makes me much, much happier.

  • Anonymous

    Man, I was really expecting the pony defense force out in full swing by now.

    Is it because nobody has ripped on the episode yet, or are we all in silent agreement that the episode was poor?

    • Ponichaeism

      And likewise, here I was expecting the reactionaries to be out in full force by now complaining about how the show is ruined forever, and yet people are surprisingly quiet. So it’s just as likely we’re all in silent agreement that the finale was entirely suitable.

  • DC

    There were a lot of good things in the episode, however overall it felt rushed and forced. I think a two episode arc dealing with the spell, changes, and acceptance would have been much better. However, because so much was crammed into one episode, it lacked real character development and any real consequences of the spell gone haywire.

  • Muffin Mare

    Spoiler Theory: …………………………

    Okay, this is a three parter? I’m calling that Twilight is going back to status quo unicorn with a “it was all a dream” sequence.

    Lot of things in this episode would make sense if it was a dream sequence. For example, Rarity’s cutie mark is gemstones, right? Her magic cutie mark related talent is finding gemstones not designing dresses. (Way funnier seeing AJ sew dresses!) Same sort of thing with Dash. Weather control is a “generic” pegasus thing, Superspeed is Dash’s cutie mark related special talent.

    Guessing the season opener will have Twilight going through the good and bad things about being a Princess Alicorn , gets all of Equestria into epic disaster territory and by the end of the second half, it’ll be a revealed to be all just a dream.

    Yay for the return of Derpy! Hopefully more of her in fourth season.

    • Anonymous

      Since Princess Cadence didn’t die on the way to her home planet, what made you think Twilight would politely turn down being a Princess?

  • Anonymous

    The heavenly rebirth scene was something beautiful that I wasn’t expecting. Though, my reaction to everything after that was the same as Twilight’s. “I don’t understand.” “What did I do?” “Huh? A Princess?” “What do I do now?” *awkwardly greeting the entire population of canterlot who assembled for the coronation of another princess*

  • Marko Vinu

    OK, some of the things I didn’t like:
    – Too much singing; they were good, but the whole thing felt like an effin’ musical (yeah, you can tell that I’m not a big fan of those….. except Sweeney Todd).
    – Obviously a double episode rushed into a single.
    – Celestia was a bit off…. I don’t know how and why, but something felt slightly out of place.
    – Twilight grows to justify new toy line.

    Good stuff:
    – Alternatives were awesome.
    – Rarity is the new Lord of Chaotic Order.
    – Did I mention that the alternatives were awesome? If yes, then it’s good, because they were twice as awesome as anything else.
    – Derpy!
    – Holly shiet, Celestia has holo-TVs!
    – Twilight grows up.

  • Doctor Whooves

    It was too soon…

  • Anonymous

    How many bronies are hoping things like she can change back and spend most of next season as a unicorn?

    • Anonymous

      That’s even worse IMO. It’s proof of the show and execs immediately bending over for whiny fans.
      They set sail with their boat. Whether it sinks or swims is up to how people react to the merchandise.

      • Anonymous

        They could say it was always part of the plan.

        • Anonymous

          True, and then the debate shifts to whether or not it was all a conspiracy.

    • I’m thinking that Princess Twilight is not going to wear her boots and tiara all the time. Rather, I expect her to store them in a glass cabinet at the library, like the Elements. Otherwise, getting bowed to by all of Ponyville everytime she steps out the door is going to get tiresome.

  • Anonymous

    First 90% of the episode? Pretty awesome.
    The last 10%? Rather mixed, especially since the explanation for her becoming Royalty-qualified felt pretty shoehorned in. It really could have used a two-parter.

    But it could have been worse, after all. Here’s to S4 and whatever the hell Equestria Girls is. Four months until Comic-Con.

    • And the MLP movie! Unless it turns out to be an insta-movie made by mashing together a bunch of episodes, like what was done with Serendipity (the Pink Dragon). That would be a cheap trick.

      • Anonymous

        It’s pretty much confirmed that Equestria Girls will be the movie.

  • Danny

    Wow, coming on here is a lot different than the discussion on Equestria Daily, where I have to sift through the people overreacting by saying the show is doomed and they’re leaving. I thought it was a fine epsiode, abeit rushed, but that could have benna corporate decision. I’m interested about parts 2 and 3 of this story that Meghan McCarthy talked about.

    • Danny

      Damn, typos


      * been a

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, I’ve noticed that the people who read DHN seem pretty content to suck on whatever Hasbro pulls out of their pants. Oddly, there are also a lot fewer here.

      • anynomous

        Seems other fans are pretty content on sucking themselves off whenever their things don’t go their way.

      • LOL! You so silly. 8^D

  • Derterifii

    It was obvious that this episode was rushed. I don’t mind that Twilight became an alicorn, but when I hear “Season Finale”, I expected more of a “bang”
    The problem was solved waaaay too quickly, and aside from Fluttershy and AppleJack, the cutie marks don’t explain what their jobs are.
    I know someone said it earlier, but weather was a generic Pegasus thing. Rarity was finding gems, not making dresses. Pinkie Pie’s was being able to throw really great parties. not necessarily make them laugh. she’s a party-planner. not a comedian. (officially anyways)
    Second, it seems like this was just two episodes spiced together, which resulted in its rushed feel.
    Third, I felt that the premise for her change was, shall we say, weak.

    Again, I don’t mind that she became an alicorn, as long as they handle it well, both before, during, and after the transformation. They fell flat on all three points, I’d have to say. Twilight’s transformation was handled poorly, and it was unfortunate.

    I admit, that Twilight gets zapped back into a unicorn, or is reduced as a side character for someone else to take her place as leader. I’m afraid that the alicorn bit might just throw off the balance for future episodes.

    • Ponichaeism

      The episode wasn’t rushed. Sure, maybe they didn’t go into the ramifications of the cutie mark switching, but that wasn’t the story. The story was how Twilight brings harmony to the other ponies and how she unlocks her Hermetic transmutation of the self. And Celestia says at the end that Starswirl couldn’t solve the alicorn spell because he never knew friendship like Twilight did, which is why she so easily saw the solution to the problem.

      Cutie Marks are just symbols representing the ponies; it’s made clear in the episode that they switched their entire roles in the community.

      • Derterifii

        yeah…. it was rushed. I’ve seen rushed. I know rushed. I understand the quality of work these people can put out, and this doesn’t even come close to the bar that they, themselves, have set.

        I understand the episode, I understand what happened IN the episode. that doesn’t mean it was any less rushed. it’s a mess, and it really does seem like they spliced two episodes together.
        the problem was solved in less than a minute of it arising, and unfortunately, that was pretty much advertised as the episode’s entire plot.

        Lastly, the cutie mark does not determine a pony’s destiny. The pony does what they do, what they love, and then it appears. they didn’t go into detail of the problem, the solution was reached way too soon, and what we saw, whether you want to admit it or not, was two episodes squished into one. This is never a good thing, and Magical Mystery Cure is a prime example of why.

        • Ponichaeism

          I’ve seen rushed episodes, and this was no rushed episode. It was merely economical with its time. It didn’t go into situations that the plot didn’t demand and, as I said, the solution was so easy for Twilight to see because she’s ready to level up. No need to waste time on unnecessary conflict.

          And yes, a Cutie Mark does determine a pony’s destiny, because whatever they love or are good at *is* their destiny, because their destiny is the path they’ll take through life. The Cutie Mark is just one symbol summing that up. When their destinies were swapped, the Cutie Marks followed suit.

          • Anonymous

            You seem pretty sure what exactly happened in the writers’ room.

          • Ponichaeism

            I have experience writing 22-minute scripts and a knack for knowing how stories work, that’s all.

          • Derterifii

            yes…. it was rushed. No, the mark does not determine their destiny, it determines what they’re good at. A pony that has a cutie mark stating that they’re damn good at warping time can still be a dentist if they choose. it’s not set in stone. it never was. ESPECIALLY when taking into consideration what cutie marks like RD’s mean. she broke the sound barrier. her talent is speed, and lots of it. Her “destiny” is to join the Wonderbolts.
            yet…. Rarity was moving clouds. a GENERIC Pegasus thing, not specific to RD. makes sense to me…?

            Secondly, again. advertized as the main problem.
            but let’s say for the sake of argument that the primary focus WAS her transformation. her transformation was dealt with JUST as long as the blasted switched destiny crap, and revealed just as many details, if not less. We don’t know why Celestia was training her to become a princess, or WHY it had to be twilight. because she almost blew up the castle once as a filly?
            Either way, the final test, that spell she finished, “she created a new form of magic, which has never been done before!” Bull shit. SOMEONE had to create the OLD magic for Twilight to solve that problem. SECONDLY, Twilight created nothing new! she just altered the focal point of the spell. it has been proven that there are VARIOUS spells that require a different catalyst, like love, anger, hate, fear, ect. So to say that Twilight created a NEW form of magic just because she altered the catalyst to be “friendship” is a weak reason.
            It’s like praising the guy that found a way to make an 8GB flash drive instead of a 4GB, and basically calling him a god! because he created a NEW form of flash drive!!…. apparently.

            Say what you will, it was rushed. it was obvious that this was supposed to be a two-parter, but was spliced into one. this wasn’t being “economical” with time, this was being “lazy” with writing.

          • Ponichaeism

            That big Taoist symbol on the Equestrian flag disagrees with you. It’s apparent from this last episode that each pony has an “inborn nature” that predisposes them towards a certain path in life, which not only includes their grand destination but also all the steps they take to get there. Perhaps a pony who has an hour-glass cutie mark could become a dentist, but why would he/she want to? If their talent is time, then their happiest and most satisfying path through life would therefore have to do with that.

            We know why Celestia was training Twilight: because it’s her destiny. Sending her to Ponyville to learn about it was one of the steps on her path.

            Celestia never says Twilight created new magic, she’s actually congratulating Twilight for finishing a spell even Starswirl couldn’t, the alicorn transmutation spell.

          • Derterifii

            I disagree with you, as the mark states what you are good at, but does not necessarily lock you into one job. Rainbow Dash’s talent, once again, is speed. she’s competitive, and bust her butt trying to win a competition. She could easily sign up to be a racer, a wonderbolt, or even a mailmare. all require some form of speed. Pinkie Pie bakes and works for the Cakes. confection does not necessarily go hand in hand with parties, and even then, the party planner does not necessarily have to make all the food. It states what you’re good at, but in certain cases, like Pinkie Pie, it only covers ONE of the pony’s many interest. Just because you like one thing, does not mean you necessarily want a job in that field. I love to play TCGs. it is a wonderful hobby, and I’d have to say I’m pretty good at a few. But I would never want to play competitively, because it’s a hobby. and I’d like to keep it that way. I would imagine that similar circumstances would exist in Ponyville.

            Celestia, word for word, said that “[Twilight] created new magic” when getting ready to introduce “Princess” Twilight to the general public. watch that episode again.

          • Derterifii

            To further substantiate my point, Just take a look at our favorite MailMare. something tells me those bubbles on her flank have nothing to do with delivering mail.
            And what’s Filthy Rich’s talent? making money? now what job could possibly make money? hmmmm……
            what about the Flim Flam Brothers. they have apples for cutie marks, and they sell cider. but it’s obvious that they’re quite the inventors as well.
            and what the hell kind of talents to Snips and Snails have?
            To say that the cutie marks determine a pony’s destiny is inaccurate, as there are some that are vague enough to the point where a given pony can fit in just about any job. With ones that are more specialized, we have seen that a good handful of ponies are multi-talented, but their flank only recognizes one of those talents.
            I tried to avoid background ponies to the best of my abilities with the exception of Derpy, because I wanted to show that there ARE ponies actually important to a given episode in one way or another, that either have more than one talent that could be recognized, or that whatever talent they have is far too generalized to be locked into one specific job.

  • I think watching that entire video of Miss America skits in one sitting without stopping hurts my brain.