Episode Stickers – GetGlue – Magic Duel

We really haven’t reported on these with the exception of one brief mention of the stickers a few weeks ago, so have a full report.

GetGlue is an entertainment-based social networking website for mobile devices. Users “check-in” to entertainment that they consume using a website, mobile website, or a device-specific application.

Its kind of the same idea as the Nelson Boxes for rating tv shows, basically you use your phone to check-in while watching a tv show, and then in return you get points and possibly a fancy virtual sticker, such as if you check into the episode of MLP this week, you get a Trixie.

Once a month though, users can request to have the real versions of the stickers they earn online mailed to them at no cost. Stickers are mailed in batches of 20.

Hit up this link from their website that shows the current set of MLP stickers. I would guess if the previous episodes are still available, you’d check in on one of the repeat episodes.

[Source: EgM]

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