Unfinished Business by MikorutheHedgehog

Unfinished Business by MikorutheHedgehog

Zap2it has published two new episode synopses, for Wonderbolt Academy (S03E07, December 15) and Apple Family Reunion (S03E09, December 22). Episode 8 continues to be a mystery; judging from the dates, they’ve changed the order of the episodes.

Catch the synopses after the break.

Wonderbolt Academy (S03E07, December 15)

Rainbow Dash receives an invitation to attend the Wonderbolt Academy but questions whether she is Wonderbolt material.

Apple Family Reunion (S03E09, December 22)

Granny Smith agrees to let Applejack lead the Apple Family reunion but Applejack loses sight of what is truly important.