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Happy Pagan Festival Holiday Season! Seems Zap2It just dropped the synopsis for that new episode we learned of, Keep Calm and Flutter On.  If you’re looking to avoid spoilers, I think this one is going to be a hard one to avoid.

Thanks to A.N. for the alert.

Also on a side note I’d like to point to an article posted via Discord’s Domain aka EqMegathreads of possible lines leaked from what we’d guess is this episode. The general story is this information comes from someone who worked as an intern at the recording studio that does the VA recordings, and one of the audio crew played some recordings from John de Lancie. This is obviously a rumor as there is zero proof this intern actually worked at the studio, so we’ll call this for your information. And of course heavy spoiler alert. The article can be found here.

Zap2it Synopsis after the page break.


S03, E11()

Princess Celestia tasks the ponies with reforming Discord, a mischievous spirit of disharmony, but Fluttershy is the only one who is willing to give him a chance.

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  • Anonymous

    This episode will be the best one of the season. Mark my words.

    • Ponichaeism

      And, conversely, it’s also going to cause an epic bitchfest of Lauren Faust loyalists complaining about pandering and “it’s just like fan fiction!” on unprecedented levels.

      • Shadowpaint

        What’s sad is that you are 100% right. I’ve been hearing that ever since “Magic Duel”, EVERY EPISODE SINCE is apparently “pandering to the fans” . Now, granted, there IS a fan fic about Fluttershy trying to rehabilitate Discord, but I doubt they based the episode on that, and they have been saying for a while that they were planning to bring Discord back.

        • People felt that way with Magic Duel as there is a whole bunch of people who think that if a certain popular fandom website wasn’t around, Trixie would have never returned.

          The irony is that the written script for the episode was submitted 1/11/11 or eight days before Equestria Daily event hit the air waves.

          In general people are just trolling for the most part with the “fan pandering” bullshit, I’m sure a few believe it, but whatever.

  • I am freaking out.

  • Pander

    Discord returns? Awesome!

  • I was expecting a Discord return for the finale. Mind = …sizzled.

  • sailoryue


    srsly, going to be the best episode eer. hopefully it wont kill my fanficiton ideas…

  • Stereopony454

    Look at it this way people, If Tia is desperate enough to try to get Discord on their side, that means theres something even nastier on the horizon, something that will take both Harmony & Chaos combined to defeat! Now I dunno about you, but sounds to me like Season 3’s finale may have the most epic villian yet! Plus if Discord does join the good guys *even for just briefly* That means we get to see more of him annoy Twilight & co, not to mention a potential Discord VS the season Finale Big Bad….that could be fun.

    • Supertide


      Stopped reading there.

  • VexSpirals

    My first reaction was to squee my head off as loud as i am allowed to at 12 am in an apartment building

    Second i hope that if he must turn good that he at least be a jerk with a heart of gold type or something and that he shows up and trololos every now and again

    Third I love the title

    Now if you excuse me i have to bounce around like pinkie pie when hyped up on sugar,coffee and other energy inducing things