The Wish by Jamey4

The Wish by Jamey4

Yay! Zap2it has published title and synopsis for the penultimate episode of this season.

Air date: February 9, 2013

After the break!

Princess Cadance invites Twilight and her friends to welcome the important Equestria Games inspector.

  • Not a Rarity episode? :(

    • Applepie

      Needs more Rarity.

  • Anonymous

    Cadence will have more screen time and dialogue than Celestia this season. What a travesty.

  • EpicGuy

    When they first announced Cadence in the middle of Season 2, I was worried that we’d see her once and then the characters from the Royal Wedding would be forgotten. On one hand I’m happy that hasn’t happened, but on the other there hasn’t been a Rarity-focused episode yet.

  • I’m sad to see that they’re using the horrible “Cadance” spelling. Her name is Cadence.

  • Yalamix

    Let the games begin