This seems to be the news of the day, I was planning on posting this up later tonight but since its such a hot topic, might as well recast it over here at the DH.  A brony by the name of Mbulsht has written an open letter to the FiM fanbase about the general state of things, namely attitude and how we treat one and another.  Its a good read, you may or may not agree with it, you may find it a touch dramatic, but I can personally say its something I’ve pondered myself over the last couple of days, in general.

The amount of replies made my jaw dropped, I had read this letter early in the morning at the local truck stop before making my way out onto the road for work, and figured it’d garnish the usual hundred or so comments back.  Got home 10 hours later and holy crap, over 500+ comments and running.  Anyways, I do have my own opinion on things, found after the page break.

Personally I’m not a fan of using this site as a soap box for myself, at least voicing my own opinions on the community itself, its just not my thing.  But in this case, I will.  After reading this, I do generally agree on the subject that hatred has been a tad heavy lately, but at least with me, its expected.  This fanbase has grown so much, especially over these last few months, and douchebag comments are bound to happen, especially at a large hub like EqD.
But I’ve actually asked people if it was me or not that was feeling the hate.  Like Ben, I took notice to a few EqD articles and the comments that were posted.  The Synchtube was a biggie, first comment out of the gate was about the /filly channel being better, which of course started a flame war.  Of course there are trolls and there are -always- going to be these types of people around, I mean come on, its the internet.  There was others too, like the brony band Edge of Everfree.  Of course people are going to make rude comments, but I felt in that situation, it was one of those things where if you didn’t have anything good to say, don’t say it.  Those guys have massive balls to make a video like that and post it to the fanbase.
I’m not going to sit here and generate a wall of text (very capable of doing that though), but I also agree with many of the comments, such as AngryTigerP who said the show shouldn’t have to teach young adults to love and tolerate another.  This show didn’t teach me that, I was raised that way, its a good thing if it has created people to act that way, but it shouldn’t be a religion.
But with a fanbase this large, hatred is bound to happen.  The hatred towards furries has always been there, and like many, I could careless what floats your boat.  If you like clopping to ponies or dressing up like an animal, by all means do it, just don’t force your own ideals on others.
And that’s my 2 bits on the subject.  Onward and upwards.
  • frith

    I read the letter, sent a few words of encouragement to the brony who read it, wallowed through over 300 comments of teal deer (skimming lots just to get the gist), wrote that the passion of the brony community is a large part of what drove me to ponies (shine on you crazy diamonds), and watched three episodes of MLP:FIM to clear the cobwebs from my mind. It was nice of EqD to let the wariors have their sandbox. Let's hope the war stays in the sandbox.