Well it shows how much I am out of the loop, it seems from what I’ve been reading that the Equestria Forums which started a few months ago had end up shutting its doors.  If not mistaken this forum had been started by community member Mocha Delight, who I knew somewhat from the dawning of the fandom.  It seems new life has been given to the forums, along with new ownership.

The Equestria Forums, now found at Canterlot.com and being run by Manestream and staff wishes to announce the return of the forums to the community.  So if you’re a member from before, you can find them at www.Canterlot.com and if you’re not an old member, well go check them out anyways.

They also wish to announce a special Gala RP Event that will last a few weeks to celebrate the board moving and re-opening, while also generating some interest and bring back the bronies who once ran around there.

The link on DH will be updated, as at some point I have to do spring cleaning, its been awhile since we’ve checked them all, or even added some, I’m sure there are plenty of sites popping up, such as Everypony.com and others.

Check’em out, I double dog dare you.

  • dcec1070-9476-11e0-b223-000bcdcb8a73

    How can we check it out without a link? O.o

  • DerpySquad

    2nd paragraph, 4th line?

  • Mizukame

    Are any of the previous admins there? I would totally freak out if I found out Ashi is still there too :<