Equestria Girls Music Video - Entertainment Weekly

Equestria Girls Music Video – Entertainment Weekly

There’s a new music video released featured a live cast promoting Equestria Girls. Entertainment Weekly has reported it is the “brand anthem,” which sounds about right. It also teaches some dance moves which may or may not catch on. Check the source link below for the video and article. Post in the comments below your opinions on this “anthem” for Equestria Girls.

Equestria Girls Music Video – Entertainment Weekly

  • My initial reaction was a bit… shocked. This pretty much sums it up: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=165313573659686

    As for a calmer, more thought out reaction: I’m not sure live action really suits this genre. If this crossed back over to ponies in live action, we’d basically have an expanded version of Mr. Ed.

  • Anonymous

    This actually hurt. That’s a hard thing to do with me.

  • Anonymous

    i think ill stick with doin the bender

  • Battra

    So this confirms that 5 of the 6 are white and Rarity is party Asian.

  • Colorin

    That’s the strangest cosplay I’ve ever seen!

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  • If someone got Rainbow Dash, Apple Jack, and Firefly Dash I will KILL you