Equestria LA: $5000 Date

For those of you who may have been listening in on The My Little Dashie Show last night, or are following the Equestria LA convention, there is a sponsor drive currently going on for the convention. This is to fund various aspects, such as guests, venues, etc.

The project is being organized by the lovely Rina-chan, who you may recognize as the voice actor for Twilight in the .MOV series and as one of our fantastic guests on the show last night.

Notable for this donation drive, there are three slots for 1-day dates with MyLittleDashie, for $5K.

With that, I’m off to go sell my organs.

  • LaserPon3

    I didn’t expect her to actually do it!

    I choose for glitteringpony though! :3

  • PhantomBadger

    I think it’s a bit ambitious to expect $5k for something so little.
    Also, the MLD show lost all respect and credibility from me since they kicked off over the EqD shout out. So I wont be contributing, but still, good luck to them.