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The convention in the immediate vicinity of the city of Lauren Faust, Joss Whedon, and Bryan Fuller, many of our beloved writers, and of course Tara Strong has opened its gates! (Admittedly, some of them need to do more pony.)

Equestria LA online registration is live!

We know you’ve been waiting in anticipation for this because our inboxes are full of emails asking about it—Equestria LA is proud to announce that online registration is now available! Our registration team, who has been working non-stop over the past weeks to make sure our system is fully functional, has finally given us the “all systems go.”

We won’t be selling any tickets at the door this year. The only way to secure a ticket is through online registration. So, head over to www.equestriala.com and purchase a ticket. Although we’re holding Equestria LA at the spacious Anaheim Convention Center November 3, 2012, our cap this year is 500 attendees and we expect to sell out, so buy your tickets soon!


Odyssey a.k.a. Eurobeat Brony

You need still more incentives? How about this: Eurobeat Brony himself will attend as guest of honor!

Equestria LA is pleased to announce the guest appearance of celebrated brony musician Odyssey!

Odyssey (a.k.a. Eurobeat BronyMortimerDNA Team, etc.) was one of the first musicians to enter the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic remix scene with his Eurobeat-style series of songs, and has been a staple of the scene ever since, with such hits as “Luna (Dream Mode)” and “Discord (EuroChaos Mix).” Super Ponybeat remains one of the most popular remix albums of the show, praised by My Little Pony composer Daniel Ingram and popular music magazine Rolling Stone.

Odyssey is also a prolific force for all things Eurobeat outside of the brony community, appearing on such albums as the Toho Eurobeat series, Most Extreme Ultimate Thunder, the Densha De DSoundtrack, Super Eurobeat and many more.

Be sure to catch him at Equestria LA for a musicians’ panel/Q&A sessionautograph signing, and live performance!



Thirdly, if you want to hold your own panel at Equestria LA, you can apply here.

Equestria LA is now accepting Panel submissions. Applications are available at the following link: http://www.equestriala.com/panelregistration.php

Any questions or comments regarding panel submissions should be sent to programming@equestriala.com

And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter (@EquestriaLA), Facebook (www.facebook.com/EquestriaLA), and our webpage (www.EquestriaLA.com) for the latest news and guest announcements.

  • Anonymous

    Surprising do see Eurobeat Brony is going to a convention. I thought he was like the Ponykart team, hating everything brony. I would love to come and see him, but I live really far away. He is the only brony music creator I always listen to everything he makes.

    • Nah he’s not what I call an anti-brony. Like many he’s just in the realm of neither. We are called Ponyfans.