Equestria Music Contest 2012

To those of you who haven’t heard yet, the Equestria Music Contest is here! If you’re an aspiring pony musician(I myself, will probably get involved in this), then you probably wanna take a look. Info after the break(Copy paste from the email, nothing inspired from me)!

Over the past 2 weeks we have been holding a month long event called ‘EMC 2012’, which stands for ‘Equestria Music Contest 2012,’ and since we announced it, it has sky-rocketed.
The contest is, people have until the 7th April to submit a maximum of 3 songs that they have composed, these songs are then judged by an online panel which will feature:
-Me (Harby/Harbisis)
-My Little Dashie
-Michelle Creber
On the 14th April the winner will be announced and will then go on to working on a collab with Omnipony!
Next step, the rules:
-3 songs maximum.
-All songs submitted MUST be your own.
-Songs must be pony related.
-PMVs are not allowed.
-Download link must be in e-mail
Songs are to be submitted to: equestriamusic@hotmail.co.uk
With the subject title ‘EMC 2012 Submission’
For any additional information, you can either e-mail us or find it here.