from Ponibooru

This was sent to me by Swebow himself, he mentioned that this is so secret that most of the development team doesn’t know what it is.

I’ll copy and paste;

We have exiting news to announce, the news is actually so BIG we want to show you it LIVE on FRIDAY!
Yes, the day before Season 2 begins, Friday the 16th of September!
The following channel will be streaming it live: time the party starts is 9PM Eastern and 03:00AM CET!
We will, of course, answer questions after the BIG news is announced!

I’m quite excited to hear what’s up! This project has a lot of potential.

[Equestria Online]

  • 21shootingstar -★-

    wow, so many important things going on this week that I can't keep on reading all the news, there are so many, that I'm missing alot of whats going on in the fandom.

    this weekend is going to be so awesome. This surprise event on ustream sounds very intersting, I'm sure I'll wach it. plus it'll be on friday 16, thats mexican independence day, =D so I'll have the day free because I live in mexico.

    this weekend I'll be fully dedicating my time to ponies.