I’m actually fresh out of new Derpy atm, so instead of going back into the archives im gonna post some of the second best BG Pony, by swaetshrit

I was late getting back from work for this, which sucks. I was hoping to get in on that skype call.

Anyways, I’ll link the youtube videos as soon as I get them, they are being uploaded by one of the dev team as I type this. Until then let me bullet point some of the important bits:

  • They have the online and chat working now
  • Tester applications will be announced in the future
  • Top hats 
  • Pets
  • Lots of special events in the works
  • You will start off as a child in school and find your cutie mark as a tutorial for your first character, can be skipped for all future characters you make
  • Alicorns will not be playable, for good reason.
  • You must like apples or pears (very important to the story)
  • Combat is still up in the air, as the show itself is pretty non violent, save for a few instances
  • Due to the size of the maps there may be instances or sub areas. 

You can check out their progress and give feedback/offer your services to them on their forum or their irc channel #equestriaonline on  irc.irchighway.net.

[Equestria Online]

edited video after the break

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    Haha, that was a good Stream indeed! "SPAAAAACE!"