Equestrian Chess

Totally not a slow news day.

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Those of you who are aspiring chess grandmasters might want to check out this variant invented by one Tory Evans. From the looks of it, it seems to be similar to Shogi, with captured pieces being able to be put back on the board on your side. Check out the game’s facebook page here, or read the ruleset after the break.

Hello, This is a game I’ve made called Equestrian Chess. It’s a rather unique chess variant. It seems simple but I’ve been perfecting it for months since I thought of the concept. I’ve seen a ton of bronies who are interested in chess. I wanted to make a unique chess variant for us but I also wanted it to stand on it’s own if you didn’t know it had anything to do with MLP. I think i’ve really made something unique. Play testers at Bronycon say it has a lot of depth, is well balanced and realy addicting. Most importantly it’s super easy to construct and learn.

  • Canard

    Might be good. Dunno.

    Facebook is *not* a web content hosting solution. Could you please mirror it elsewhere?

  • Tory Evans

    This game doesn’t really need a website. All you need to know is in the picture. Plus, There’s an e-mail address for feedback. I only made the Facebook page because it was super easy. If this goes viral then I’ll make one.