Equinox: A Storybook Project by Squeak

First I just want to say sorry for the lack of updates in the past 36 hours, had personal life crap to deal with (my father just had a hip replacement, someone’s been hired to do the heavy lifting around their house).  I have a few things that have been submitted to the news mailbox, so they’ll be posted up tonight.

I see EquestriaDaily beat me to the punch on Squeak’s storybook project, it was submitted yesterday afternoon.  Here’s the breakdown if you didn’t read it on EqD.

Squeak has an idea in their head for a youtube story book.  They have a fic called Equinox and music to go with it, so they are looking for somepony to do some art for the story pages, and another pony with I would assume a sexy reading voice to read the story off.

So if you want to help out, hit up Squeak on Ponychan (thread here).  You can read the Equinox story over at EqD linked here.

Squeak also updated me today with a video of one of the auditions for an example.

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