Eurobeat Brony Needs Album Covers!

Eurobeat Brony is looking for covers, as soon his latest creation Discord (EuroChaos Mix) will be dropping.  Bandpuffs has setup a video for his many many followers explaining the whole thing, and since I’ve always been a big fan of Euro, to the point our old right side bar was nothing but his music, figured I’d repeat this message to our readers.  Spread the word people.

“Lads, lasses.

As the day approaches when Discord (EuroChaos Mix) will be completed and uploaded, the time has once again arrived when I need album-covers for the video. While anything will do, the newer the better— especially if it’s fresh off the, uh, Shop. -ing block. Oh God that was atrocious.

All I ask is that you use THIS font for the title, keep the ponies relatively on-model (and PG), and we’re good! Get crackin’!”

– Eurobeat Brony

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