Are you in France? Know someone who is? Then do I have news for you.

Quick, the Belgian fast food chain, has Power Rangers Samurai and MLP toys for their “Magic Box” kids meals. Like the McDonald’s toys, they have molded manes and rooted tails, but only Rainbow Dash seems to come with a comb. They also come with accessories, like Celestia’s jewelry or something for you to wear.

The ponies have longer legs then they do in show art, though Celestia seems to be okay with long legs. The site lists the promotion running from October 17 to November 13.

They’re also being run in Belgium and Luxembourg. You can check out the source to surf around Quick’s French site for some kid’s activities. These toys probably won’t find their way to America, as the chain doesn’t have US locations, but check out your country’s Quick site to see if they’re running the promotion their, or give your store a quick call.


  • do those happy meal toys here on november 13 in USA!