Evening Edition 10-01-12

It’s okay, Mister Tree
by *johnjoseco

Whole bunch of small articles came out today, at least half based on Canterlot Gardens over the past weekend. As usual we’ve compiled them into an Evening Edition.




Another media outlet has discovered the community. The article does a good job explaining everything, using the general format of asking itself a question (Isn’t this all a little creepy?) and then answering as to why, and including what we do exactly on the internet, conventions, etc. Its also one of the few sites that has gotten the whole pegasister aspect right (most assume females fans want to be called a pegasister, though while a fair share do wish that, there are others who go by brony, etc). Was a good read.



So if you haven’t heard Tara Strong cosplayed for the very first time this past weekend at Canterlot Garden. This isn’t so much an article but a quick post about it on their website, including two pictures and of course her reaction, and the fans reaction.



The Huffington Post, UK branch has printed their first article about the community. What I would assume is the main branch as so far been good to the community, even to the point of having one of the members of Bronycon on one of their internet shows. No offense to Huffington, but I almost get the feeling this branch didn’t really do too much research outside of the basics, not that we expect these guys to spend countless hours of research into a fandom about colorful equine and a bunch of adults watching it, but there was a couple of things that stuck out within the article.

Indeed while the movement is somewhat mocked and eyed with suspicion by some, fans say it is the messages of love, friendship and tolerance preached by Pinkie Pie, Apple Jack, Cotton Candy et al that are behind this new influx of attention.

Cotton Candy will be replacing Twilight Sparkle in Season 3 (joke..). After this point the article goes into the explanation of the community via Dr. Marsha Reeden, one of two scientist who have been studying the community and been featured at Bronycon (I think twice now). The other thing that catches your eye is the MLP G1 pictures, or the fact the United Kingdom just had its own pony convention in the past month.






Two small articles about Andrew WK’s appearance at Canterlot Gardens from various music websites. There will probably be a ton of these by the weeks end.




And last a small article from Kotaku about a game going pony. Owlchemy Labs’ Smuggle Truck, a game about transporting cute animals but secretly about smuggling illegal immigrants now has a MLP theme dubbed “Brony Mode”. Because its a paid game on Steam it doesn’t feature any characters you would recognize, but more like knock offs down to a Spike looking dragon character driving the truck. Haven’t checked the game out but figured someone might get a kick out of it.

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