Everfree Northwest announces Andrew Francis

Shining Armor’s Struggle by ~AnaduKune

Greetings, Everypony

We are proud to once again welcome none other than the talented Andrew Francis to Everfree Northwest! Andrew joined us last year, where he was featured in our “Guys of MLP” panel with Lee Tockar, Peter New, and Dusty Katt:


As you probably know, Andrew voices Twilight Sparkle’s valiant brother, Shining Armor. Aside from Captain of the Guard, Andrew has lent his voice to many more roles in your favorite cartoons and anime, such as Deathnote, Voltron, Iron Man: Armored Adventures, and Johnny Test. You didn’t think a guy this handsome and talented would be content to stay behind the mic, do you? Andrew has also appeared in the hit TV shows Flashpoint and Supernatural. So please join all of us here at Everfree Northwest in giving Andrew a hearty Emerald City welcome to our 2013 event!

If you haven’t yet registered for Everfree Northwest, now is the time, and our special rate hotel rooms are filling up fast!


And speaking of Anime, you can catch us at our very own booth this weekend at SakuraCon, Seattle’s premiere Anime convention. We’ll be holding contests, taking registrations, giving away prizes, and just generally looking to say hi to as many pony people as possible! Stop on by Booth 245 if you’re at the con. You can find more information here:


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We can’t wait to see you there!

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