Everfree Northwest Announces Peter New

"Artwork by the talented Dana Simpson: http://inkandwhitespace.com/"

“Artwork by the talented Dana Simpson: http://inkandwhitespace.com/

“Say, Bic Macintosh. Did you have an awesome time in Seaddle last year?”

“You wouldn’t miss it this year, would you?”
Please put your hooves together for the talented Mr. Peter New! Think he just does voices? Peter is also an accomplished screenwriter who received the 2002 Leo Award for best screenplay for the Canadian comedy “Point Blank.” In addition to the beloved Big Macintosh in My Little Pony, Peter lends his voice to several popular anime series, such as Hikaru no Go, Deathnote, and InuYasha. On the silver screen, Peter has had roles in such recent films as Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and The Lost Treasure of the Grand Canyon. Most recently, he plays the neurotic mongoose Sunil Nevla in DHX’s hit new show, The Littlest Pet Shop.


What’s that? You like special guest announcements? Stay tuned, everypony…


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