Derpy Hooves by ~Godoffury

Who is Best Pony–Rarity, perhaps? Mrs. Cake? The venerable Granny Smith? Anna Wintour’s equine doppelganger, Photo Finish? Or maybe it’s the regal and mysterious Princess Luna. The answer, of course, is Derpy Hooves. But if you said “all of the above,” then you’ll have no trouble in putting your hooves together for the one, the only Tabitha St. Germain! That’s right, fillies and gentlecolts, the Element of Generosity is coming back to the Emerald City’s premiere pony event.

To say Tabitha is talented would be the understatement of the year. In addition to playing some of our favorite ponies, Tabitha lends her voice to other fabulous DHX Media cartoons, such as playing the title role in the award-winning Martha Speaks and the silly skunk, Pepper Clark in The Littlest Pet Shop, alongside fellow MLP actors Peter New and Nicole Oliver. To list all of your favorite cartoons Tabitha has appeared in would indeed be a dizzying wall of text, but her career has touched multiple generations of animation fans, with work going back to such beloved shows as The Super Mario Bros. Super Show and Ed, Edd, & Eddy. Tabitha’s talents are hardly confined to the world of animation. An accomplished actress, you may have recognized her from a part in the hit TV show Supernatural or the classic SciFi series Stargate SG-1.

Don’t just take our word for it, check out Tabitha’s own website at

So come one, come all, and meet the Toast of the Town, the Girl on the Go–surely the type of Pony Everypony should know!

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Artwork once again courtesy of the legendary Dana Simspon!

  • Shiek927

    That…is…the single best image of Derpy I have seen in a very very long time ^_^