Everfree Radio: EFR 80’s Special & A Friend In Deed Review

Ep 18 – A Friend In Deed (Ep Review)

Hey everyone, EverFree Radio’s review of Episode 18: A Friend in Deed has arrived! Reinforce your fourth walls (or don’t, we all love our favorite party pony!) and listen in! Also, we want to shout out to MandoPony and Michelle Creber for their collaborative covers of popular 80s songs; they’ve got a Youtube video of the songs up, but here’s the kicker: they’re also selling them so they can donate the proceeds to PLAN International’s Because I Am a Girl charity, to help fight gender inequality in third world countries. Listen in to that and, if you’re feeling generous, buy a song to donate, or donate directly to the Charity!

Episode Review: http://everfreeradio.com/?p=2170

Mando + Michelle: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ltlZTnVHX7A

EverFree Radio

Also available as part of their 80s week, they released a review of Rescue from Midnight Castle, the pilot to the entire pony series. And dead honest if you’ve never watched this movie, its worth it. This was a pretty grimdark adventure story and the original concept for the 80s MLP show, until someone from Hasbro said “nah, lets make it overly cute”.

Rescue from Midnight Castle Review: http://everfreeradio.com/?p=2124

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