Everfree Radio (Ep15) & Bronyville Podcast (Ep 45)

Episode 45 – Friendship RemixedDear Princess Celestia,
Oh hi. I didn’t see you there. We here at the Bronyville Scientific Time Travel Research Center and Stuff have been made aware of statements from one Miss Sparkle about her assumptions that time travel is considered by many in our community as ‘impossible’. We found out about this through an episode featuring AC, Chef and The Living Tombstone where the talked about the great and powerful Tara Strong, alternate universes, and how Twilight overall should stop worrying and love the time paradox.

Apple Cider

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Episode 15 – Crepuscular CausalityIn this episode:

0:35 – Episode Review: It’s About Time (Season 2, Episode 20)
» Hosts: Brushin’ Bones, AutumnSpice and Moonlight

42:42 – Interview with Makkon
» Hosts: Final Draft

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