Everybody Loves Derpy, DerpyHooves Wants You! & The Website

Its Everybody Loves Derpy, the pilot episode.  If you’re not a Futurama fan, then the joke will be beyond you, but this video is a parody of “Everybody loves Hypnotoad” off of one of the season DVDs.

DerpyHooves Wants You!

In short, I’m looking for individuals or “reporters” to go around and submit news or things going on in the FiM Community.  As I’ve said in previous posts, I’m entering what I call my ‘busy’ season work wise, and it leaves me very little time to put the love into this page as I’ve been doing (along with everything else I got going on).  So in short, if you see something that is what I’d call ‘post worthy’ to be reported to the community at large, if I get one or two individuals who do this constantly and do a good job, then I’d actually like to give writing permission to the Derpy blog to a couple of people, so they can post things directly.  That way it doesn’t leave me having to worry about keeping this place (news wise) updated.

The Website

As for DerpyHooves.com, if you have not noticed (very possible you have not) that the page has undergone some revamping, namely stepping out of the dark of HTML 1.0 into the world of HTML/PHP Web 2.0.  The old page was riddled with tables and minor coding errors, but thankfully to a German Brony by the name of Jaller94, the site has mostly been recoded (if not all).  Jaller94 will also be taking over webmaster duties to keep links up to date or to add them.  A big thanks goes out for his dedication and work to this site.

I got a couple of other things that will be posted later on tonight.

Remember, all submissions can be made to Submit@DerpyHooves.com, apparently our submit form is having a little issue with certain browsers.

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