Now you see, here at DerpyHooves, especially me, we derp, so its very suiting.  Everypony Radio wanted me to announce this, hopefully EqD did but you’ll see what I mean by derping.

The bronies over at Everypony Radio wanted me to announce that they will be rebroadcasting the entire first season, every Thursday @ 5pm US Central Time (-6 GMT), 6pm US Eastern Time (cause we be an EST timed site).  Obviously the derp in this is the fact I’m posting this 30 minutes into Friday.  So sorry, you missed Episode 1 this week.
So next week, and we’ll remind you on Wednesday, catch Episode 2 on Everypony Radio (radio with livestream), and this of course will continue for 25 more weeks or so.
All bronies are free to come laugh, cry and discuss on the fly.
My deepest apologies guys.  I plan on adding an image link on the left (you’re already hooked up with a text link) under EqD, EqG, FiMFiction etc.  We’ll also be looking into embedding the livestream into the right.
Derp de derp.
DerpySquad, the late.
  • Plaster

    put a derp down in my column as well. I remember getting the email on my phone when I was out working and then completely forgetting about it. But in our defense, Derpysquad had put the plan into motion for that embedded deal where the contest linkboard is on a couple days ago.

  • Pyritie

    Is the main site ever gonna get a makeover? It's kinda a mess at the moment, with all of the frames and embeds everywhere

  • DerpySquad

    Well I have to admit it, but I don't see it as a mess, but it might just be me (so everypony throw your opinion in).

    Frame wise, I mean we have these 'bubbles' namely on the right side, the only actual coded frame is the center, and that's just because the news is done on blogger like EqD. The embeds are organized on the right, maybe a few too many but I guess its more of a 'favorites' list than featured videos, I use them quiet often, BUT they could also be shoved under the media section's front page.

    Anyways, be specific but I always aim to please if possible.

  • Grey Nightmare

    Hey guys, thanks for posting this.
    Don't worry about the derp, we weren't exactly forewarning ourselves, we had to rush things a bit since we finally decided to do the math and realise it'll take us half a year to get through the entire first season :s

    We might very well start running the episodes two or even three times a week as it's quite a task to find a time that suits 'everypony' – I'll let you know ASAP if/when I get details on that!

    I don't think the site's all too shabby, the only thing I would find even slightly deterring is the large vertical length of the page, I feel many people will just hover at the top of the page, seeing as the news frame is scrolled separately – Things like Featured Videos, Groups, Media might be missed out. If there was a way to condense all the content a bit that would be awesome!

    Otherwise it's a nice change from EqD :)

    P.S. What's with the strike outs on 'About Derpy Hooves' – Just curious ;P

  • DerpySquad

    Hehe, well I'll try and get them posted asap, just one of those days, I work heavy hours this time of year, got the e-mail Wednesday, fell alseep before getting to post it, then didn't get out of work the next until until after 5/6pm.

    If it was me, I'd run two episodes, a full hour of pony, and if lifestream allows it without charging you anything, run it for a full 24 hours Thursday. It gives everyone an equal chance.

    I agree on the condensing, the thing was before the php upgrade, we didn't have that scroll bar in the news, so as you scrolled down the whole blog, the page went with it. But we could probably shrink it down some, its namely lack of time on my part. I do plan on fixing the place up for Season 2, as my hours get cut more than half fall and winter.

    But thanks for the suggestion and compliments, I'm always glad to hear feedback from people.

    The strike outs I'm guessing you mean Character Biography and Library of Derp. The library will be a collection of all Derpy's fanfics from EqD (and anywhere else), which character bio is a biography, BUT I've held off due to Derpy, she has no specific bio outside derp eyes, being a mailpony and loving muffins, its one of her greatest qualities, the fans can make her as they see her.

    End result for that, I am slowly writing a fanfic about Derpy, from birth to the birth of Dinky, it attmpted to mix all her fan qualities together as a single character, then write the bio.

  • Grey Nightmare

    Every Thursday at 5PM US Central and every Sunday at 2PM US Central – We won't show one this Sunday though, rather we'll have a double bill next Sunday (then back to one episode). I considered doing it for a whole day but I think those who visit the radio just for the music might be less than happy about that, it's hard to find the balance, but hopefully we've made the right decision here :)

    Thanks again!