Fresh in the news room….
A new site has hit the scene, EveryponySings.com, a one stop shop for all your FiM musical desires, well, except MP3s :).  Well in short, this labor of love is a collection of all the music from Season 1 in the form of Sheet Music, Tabs & Chords.  Its a work in progress, so they have yet to fill out the entire library, you can currently find sheet music for the Title Theme, Art of the Dress and Giggle at the Ghosties, Chords for over half, the only area its lacking big time is tabs, but tabs are indeed hard to punch out.  The site will expand to include all three for all the songs, but of course it’ll take time.
The site is ran and worked on by Ruby Rose, Moonlight Sonata and Candy Creme.  Check’em out.

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