The Failure Song

The Failure Song

So it seems my best pony has failed a test and sings a beautiful song about the experience. Oh my Celestia. Heart-wrenching.

Thanks a lot to FrkygpMusic for uploading the first version, filmed on SDCC, and thanks to SweBow of Legends of Equestria for the heads-up!

Update: Some of our colleagues over on Equestria Daily actually got to attend the panel. Seth writes that Derpy might indeed return for little background roles, according to the panelists, and that the folks from Hasbro “have her everywhere now”; that it seems like Octavia might get a voice, and that it’ll be Cathy Weseluck’s; and also that Trixie and Luna will likely return.

Also, can someone make out whether someone actually says “Tune in next month …” at the end? I can’t really understand it.

I swapped in the PixelatedGeek version of the clip. Watch it after the break! (And feel free to watch the second song too.)