Extended Synopsis for Wonderbolt Academy

Goodbye by CosmicUnicorn

Goodbye by CosmicUnicorn

AT&T U-verse has published the extended synopsis of Wonderbolt Academy (S03E07), set to air on December 15.

Though there is not much new in it beyond what the Zap2it synopsis revealed, but the last clause of the sentence puts the interesting spin on it that the episode may not be a Sonic Rainboom 2.0 but rather a study on Rainbow Dash’s capacity to feel qualms over taking a great opportunity for herself and away from somepony else. (How much of an eisegesis this is, only the episode will show.)

Read it after the break.

Rainbow Dash can’t believe her luck when she gets an exclusive invitation to enroll at Wonderbolt Academy, but soon she is wondering whether she is really cut out for the school and whether someone else would be a better fit.

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