Seth over at EqD got an email from The Hub! Sounds a little farfetched doesn’t it? Well he thought so too, but it turns out it was quite legit! They included an extended version of the Equestria Girls video that was found a few days back. Take a listen to it, what do you hear? Oh yeah! There’s a shout-out to bronies in it! How cool is that? (They also mentioned how this was exclusive for EqD, whatever that means…)

The promo will air immediately after the Saturday Family Movie tomorrow night! They also added this line which I shall quote as well:

“This promo spot that will debut on air after our family movie on Saturday. The promo uses original voice talent from the show and has some special lines in tribute to our favorite Pony fans.”

As one guy stated in the comments to the video: “I feel like I’m being pandered too and i love it.”
I don’t know about you guys, but I’m cutting my camping trip short just to see this.

Here’s the original post on Equestria Daily, congrats on 8 million hits!

  • nh4no3

    Not only does it refer to bronies, it also says "DJ-Pon-three" at the end and then cuts to Vinyl Scratch.

  • Plaster

    oh wow, they did didn't they? I didn't notice that!

  • frith

    Yeah, I noticed that. I'm surprised it's Dj-Pon-three when Dj-Pon3 should be pronounced DJ-Pon-E.