by ~MrPoniator

I like fan animation, but I enjoy it more when people get so butt hurt over the shipping of two cartoon characters (see EqD’s post of this for reference).  Its a freakin cartoon people, betcha you ain’t bitching about Finn and Princess Bubblegum.
Inb4 someone fire bombs my car.

To counter that, we also have “MLP – Titanic by LenToTo after the break. (Embedded Flash).

  • 8ftmetalhead

    I was gonna rant a bit about EQD comments section being EQD comments section and ask why we haven't grown up a bit yet.
    But then I remembered, THIS IS THE INTERNET. Of course it's possible for hundreds of people to own Luna.
    I also figure it'd be funny if we put all of them in a room together and watched what happened.
    They all love luna > who loves luna most? > punch ups and boo boos.

  • Tales

    They best part was that, as it faded out, Derpy popped up from under the top left corner of the video.

    WAY TO RUIN THE MOMENT. Or, y'know, add hilarity to sadness.

  • Anonymous


  • derpymaths

    that first one was hilarious. and i think there are some day time soap operas that are much more suited to the emo dorks that get offended about that stuff.

    @ tales
    well its nice to know im not the only one shes been messing with lately. oh great, now shes dropping her mail all over the comment box. yeah, nice derpy. thanks. *rolleyes*