Fan Made 2012 Calendar


egophiliac has painstakingly put together a 12 month calendar and put it into a special .pdf file for easy printing. Right now there are no copies for sale as far as I know, but the .pdf is free for all to use!

Hold onto these links, for there’s one tiny issue. There’s a messup on the dates in March. It stops at the 28th in March when there are 31 days. I will link the updated when I hear back about it. it’s been fixed! download link updated

This is free for personal use! Here’s a handy checklist:

:bulletred: You may get a personal copy professionally printed (the permission on the credits page should be enough for printers that care about these things, but let me know if you need me to contact the printer directly to give permission).
:bulletblack: You may freely give away, host, and otherwise redistribute the calendar, as long as it is completely free and includes the credits page.
:bulletred: You may not sell or otherwise commercialize either the file or a physical copy, even if it is at-cost or not-for-profit.

E-mail your questions to
[Download Link]

  • Shadow Blast

    Sweet! Makes me wish I was more talented like that to contribute to the fandom.

  • 21shootingstar -★-

    nice, =) now I really going to use my calendar, not like those that my parents give me every year that magically desappear after a month.