Somehow I figured this would be the summer of fan animation, since its become a popular outlet over the past year. These guys seem to be aiming for the moon and back with a full length feature, here is your copy pasta.

The story of our movie, entitled “Journey of the Spark”, follows the story of Twilight Sparkle causing a cataclysmic event that causes every one of her friends, including her teacher Princess Celestia, to hate her. The spark that ignited Twilight’s relationship with her friends dies within her.

Enter Discord, spirit of Chaos and Disharmony. Using his powers, Discord manages to corrupt Twilight and convinces her to run away from Ponyville. Now, with no Element of Magic to stop him, Discord begins his takeover of Equestria.

So now, its up to the rest of Mane 6, Princess Luna, and Spike to journey across Equestria to find Twilight and rekindle their fractured friendship while discovering a bit more about themselves along the way.

The movie features the incredible voice talents of Meredith Sims (Fighting is Magic) as Twilight Sparkle and Fluttershy, Rev (Epic Wub Time) as Discord, MEMJ0123 (Project Saturation) as Princess Celestia, Simbaga (Fighting is Magic) as Pinkie Pie, newcomer Sarah Williams as Rarity, and Kira Buckland (AKA Rina Chan, .MOV Series) as Princess Cadence! We’re hoping to add more talented actors to the fray as the production continues along.

Currently, we’re actually looking for a Rainbow Dash, Spike, and Queen Chrysalis. If anyone is interested in auditioning for the project, simply send an email to for all audition inquiries. We also have a YouTube account and a Production Blog on Tumblr. Also included in this email is an animatic of one of the scenes from the movie and a header image as well. Here is the link to the animatic video:

However, while we have a few people on our production team, we’re still in need of a lot of help, and we know that a good position on your website will bring us the help we need. We want to make this movie very special for the fandom.
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    Wow, feature length, huh? I wish them the best. It would certainly be spectacular if they succeeded.