Princess Trollestia is bestia

When the fanbase was first getting started, there were a couple artists around. Including Megasweet, Madmax, Caliuri, RuBrony, TGTF, Cloudmutt, Railgunner and a couple others. They were pumping out so much lineart daily that sometimes they just didn’t bother to color them. As someone who was desperately looking for something to do to contribute in the fanbase (read: get attention, e-fame, etc. I can’t lie to you folks.) I started coloring the unfinished lineart that was left around. I even spent a couple hundred on tablets! Damn ponies!

Well, I don’t regret it in the slightest. And now, because of that background I’m compelled to repost this Unofficial Coloring Book that was put together by Garrett Gilchrist. With plenty of things to do for kids and the rest of us. Taking a bunch of screenshots from the first episode and others, draining the color for us to do it over again. Have fun!

Megaupload Link