Typically I don’t showcase fan merchandise as a single post, but this came across the communication lines and I felt it was definitely worthly of being shown. Someone went out and created the story book from Episode 1, hand painted, and not just a cover. Here’s the info from the eBay auction.

For sale is as close a replica available as possible to Twilight Sparkle’s book from the very first episode of MLP FiM! The opening lines of narration from the episode tells the epic tale of Nightmare Moon’s imprisonment and are transcribed verbatim. Each image is a show-accurate painting taken from the opening animation.

This book was made with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. Over four full weeks and endless hours were poured into the production of this volume: every page is hand painted and hand-lettered with the highest quality inks and acrylics. Aside from reflective illuminating paints, Minnesota Pipestone, actual Lapis Lazuli, and other quality pigments were used. I have included a few examples of the pages under different lighting. There are MANY further pages not shown. The whole story is there! 

The pages are high-cotton “Raising Stonehenge” parchment. The cover and binding are made from hand-crafted “Cave Paper” from St. Paul, MN.

This is 100% hand painted. NO PRINTERS USED! Compare the images for yourself, it is 100% show accurate.

This book would make a fine addition to any MLP collection or as a great gift for your favorite Brony. 

Currently the book has 4 days and 23 hours left, and is only at $50.00 (1 bid).

[ Source: Final Draft from Everfree Radio ]

Found on eBay right there.