Most people who browse the realm of the Tumblr neighborhood I’m sure are very familiar with the character Woona from Moonstuck, if not, we do recommend you check it out. Moonstuck follows the comedic adventures of a Luna based character on the moon, little Woona. She’s swam the lunar sea and made peace with the sea ponies, and is currently chasing herself (well, Nightmare Moon) with Batponies who had their solar flowers crushed. Obviously I’m a reader.

Moonstuck is ran by local community artist Egophiliac and for April Fools she invented Average Woona, a parody of Moonstuck, except Woona is now just an average office worker. They ran all day, 1 post per hour. Featured beyond the pagebreak is the gallery (just in case the tumblr is taken down), but of course go visit both tumblrs.


Moonstuck (Now In Russian)

Average Woona

Egophiliac on DeviantArt

  • fett101

    This is an April Fools think only? Dangit, I want more.

  • Nezumi

    That tie. THAT TIE!