Fiesta Equestria Announcing Charity Membership Auction


Howdy everyone!

The Fiesta Equestria staff is pleased to announce that the auction for the King and Queen of the Fiesta Memberships have begun as of 12:00 AM on April 20! The King and Queen of the Fiesta Memberships are VIP memberships that may be purchased by one gentleman and one lady, respectively. The bidding for each one of the badges will start at $2,500, but all the proceeds from this auction goes directly to the Texas Children’s Hospital. The auction will only last for 10 days, so don’t miss out on this opportunity for some amazing perks and to give to the Texas Children’s Hospital. Speaking of amazing perks, here’s a list of all that comes with buying this membership.

  • Replica crowns (King Sombra’s crown for the King, and the Element of Magic tiara for the Queen)
  • The right to open and close the convention
  • A spot on judging panels for our many contests
  • A commissioned plush
  • Custom artwork of your OC
  • Early access to the Dealer’s room
  • The best seats at all events
  • Early access to our VIP cocktail party
  • Backstage access to our concerts
  • And a suite at the Westchase Marriott

The links to the auctions will be posted on our website at:

There are only two of these memberships and only one for each gender, so why don’t you be one of the royal guests of honor at Fiesta Equestria? To check us out, go to our website, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.


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