We have hopefully waited long enough at this point for everyone to upload their panel recordings from Fiesta Equestria. After the break you can find a playlist of everything relevant that has been sent in or that we’ve turned up on YouTube.

Thanks to Ponyville Live, Newsbrony, Everfree Network, and Prismatic for these gems. Have fun!

Ponyville Live also set up a very handy integrated schedule and video library for Fiesta Equestria!

  • For those interested I have the Thursday Panel (i.e. Day -1) on my channel. Granted it is a handheld Kodak though. lol

    • Neat! I edited them in.

      • Unfortunately I don’t have the most ‘stable’ of hooves so it can be a bit wobbly.

  • JT

    The Friday night concert was seriously awesome! Small enough crowd that it was an intimate setting for a concert. Best concert I’ve been to in years!