Granted, this particular image is in no way representative of the current product.

Click for Gamespot Article (Above image not from the game)

Maxwell McGee writing for Gamespot recently featured Fighting is Magic (that pony fighting game that we’ve previewed before here on the site), going into the story behind development.  Catch it here if you’re interested.

In the whirlwind weeks between the start of development and the release of the first trailer, Fighting Is Magic went through dozens of changes, revisions, and overhauls. The rigid limitations of the 2D Fighter Maker 2002 engine gave the young team plenty of headaches, but ultimately those restrictions–and their solutions–shaped the game into the smooth 2D fighter it is today.

  • Kotaku, Gamespot, now we just need IGN.

  • You grabbed an early mock-up screenshot?

    • Doc

      It was in the article, and I am a lazy SOB.