Fighting is Magic Taken out of Running for 8th EVO Game, to be Exhibited at Indie Showcase Instead; Possible Side Tournament

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Some good news, and some interesting news.  As we’ve reported, Fighting is Magic is (now was) in the running for the 8th official game at Evolution 2013, the world’s largest fighting game tournament, with the winner decided by a donation drive for breast cancer research.  As it stands, Fighting is Magic has raised about two and a half times the amount of the second place game, Super Smash Bros. Melee.  After the tournament officials and Mane6 discussed this issue, given that the game is not quite finished yet, they’ve changed the rules somewhat regarding the inclusion of the game at EVO.


First, FiM will be back in a big way at the Evo 2013 Indie Gaming Showcase (spoiler, the Indie Gaming Showcase from Evo 2012 returns in 2013!). This year we will have multiple setups so a lot more players will get a crack at the game. This is 100% happening regardless of the results of the donation drive, and we’re happy to have the game back for a second year.

Next, we’re removing FiM from the running for the 8th Evo game. If FiM finishes with the most money donated, we will take the game with the second highest donations as the 8th Evo game. But, should FiM win the donation drive, Evo will sponsor an exhibition tournament and run it out of the Indie Gaming Showcase. The top 8 players from the exhibition will fight it out on stage and stream, like previous Evo exhibitions.

Evo also intends to include a $1000 pot bonus to the game that wins the donation drive, be it Fighting is Magic or any other game in the running.  Keep in mind, the donation drive is still running until Jan. 29th.

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