FiM Rubik’s Cube


There are two of these in existence, the first is on it’s way to its home. The other? For sale for an unknown amount of money called “let me know how much you’re willing to throw at me.”

[Get in touch with the seller]

  • Anonymous

    im throwing money to the screen but nothing happens!!! D:

  • InfinityDash

    The only time I ever finished a Rubik's Cube was when I smashed it on a table and all the plastic pieces went flying everywhere then I put it back together in the correct order. True story.

  • Anonymous

    you can get blank cubes for 7.99 and custom sticker for 3.99 from their website

  • DerpySquad

    ^^^ That was my thought, somewhere on the net you can get these made.

  • plaster

    the sad thing is that the other one sold for 61 dollars

  • Tornadopelt

    The last time I solved a Rubiks cube, it was because I was bored. I’ve had so many solved that, on some, the stickers are coming off. True story.